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ILMU ( Integrated Library Management Utility ) is a library information and knowledge management software. The product was jointly developed by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and Paradigm Systems Sdn Bhd.

ILMU was derived from the need to provide a seamless but integrated information environment representing a modern library system. The end-product is a major step towards a true digital library. ILMU utilises client-server technology and accommodates multimedia; OLE, event-driven program execution and ODBC connectivity, in addition to conforming to international classification and standardisation schemes.

The team that is responsible for ILMU had originally developed SISPUKOM, which won a National award and was awarded the first runner-up position for the Asia Computer Weekly Award for best software. But ILMU is not simply a revised orreengineered version of SISPUKOM. It is a completely new product built on the experience on designing and maintaining the earlier system, but directed at utilising the latest technologies and fulfilling modern user prerequisites. The computerised library information system is designed to provide both technical and user information services in any library or information centre. Based on an open concept of software development, its modular and integrated approach towards library computerisation is complemented by its ability to be installed and executed in a number of hardware environments. In commercial terms, the product has been successful, being enthusiastically received by both public and private sectors.

ILMU was implemented at PTAR in January 1999. It is a library information system designed to assist librarians and library staff for daily activities and operation. 

ILMU Modules:

Acquisition - Enables librarian to process users' requests, create orders, generate claim and cancellations. Users are able to import record from existing bibliographic databases.

Cataloguing - User friendly, and established data entry templates. Ability to interface with on-line bibliographic databases.

Authority - ILMU authority modules provides valuable assistance to term reference.

Circulation - Facilities such as check-in, check-out, renewal, recall, fines payment, generation of predetermined notification and a host of reports.

Infotrack - As Info-center such as library map, library messages, library information, library calendar, looking for particular books, journal in OPAC.

IRS - Creating a thesaurus, profile of patron, generating SDI listings, searching IRS database - such as theses, articles in seminars etc.

Serials - Handling serial publications - ordering, check-in, claims, cancellations and report functions.

Accounting - Integrated with the Acquisition and Serials modules whereby transactions automatically transferred to the accounting database. Various financial reports have been catered.

ILMU Features:

Operating Systems Computing - The key philosophy behind ILMU's development centres around "EMPOWERMENT". Empowerment of the USER. In user, it mean You, as our Client. ILMU has been designed to offer the User the flexibility of deciding the hardware, operating system and the RDMS. ILMU operates across a varied range of Microcomputer, Minicomputers and Mainframes.

Client / Server Architecture - The advancement in network technology has result in the proliferation of Client / Server based application solution.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) - ILMU is totally GUI based. All screens look and feel alike. Features such as drag and drop, cascading windows, point-and-click command, and cut and paste are intrinsic in ILMU.

Multimedia and Imaging - ILMU features multimedia technology. Video clips and images may be hot-linked to bibliographic data by user.

Internet and The World Wide Web - ILMU is web-enabled. Should the user decided to allow access to the bibliographic database via Internet.

Z39.50 Complaint - Users may access worldwide that allows calls via the Z39.50 protocol.

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